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Let's get you a beautiful wedding film that's as familiar as an old home video

that's as familiar as an old home video
old home video

It’s easy to put videography on the back burner. But here’s the thing—you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your wedding day. Once the dance party stops and thank you cards are sent, you’ll want to be able to re-live one of the best days of your life.

we want that!
time for some real talk

Wedding videography captures the little details that photos can't.

captures the
little details
that photos

It preserves the little nuances, like:

The excited jitters you'll have as you get dressed.

The way your partner's eyes will light up when they take in how good you look.

How you'll feed each other giant mouthfuls of cake. And, okay, maybe get a chunk of frosting in your beard or cleavage. It happens.

Because here's what it comes down to:

A wedding video might not seem like a priority right now... but it will in 50 years.

but it will in 50 years.

Your wedding film should be more than epic, slow-motion shots.

It’s the video you’ll turn to when you hit a marriage road bump...

The one you’ll watch on repeat when loved ones pass and you want to hear their voice again...

The one you’ll watch with grey hair and full hearts, basking in the incredible life you've built together.

The Process

The Process

Step 01

Check if I’m available for your date

Fill out this form with all the exciting deetz and I’ll get back to you with my availability & detailed pricing.

Step 02

Chat & create your custom package

We’ll hop on a video chat to chat all about your wedding plans to create a personalized package for your day.

Step 03

Make it official 
& celebrate

After you sign a contract + pay a 50% retainer, you can officially cross “book videographer” off your planning to-do list!

Let's get started

So what d’ya say?

Let’s get you a trend-free wedding video that’ll capture the essence of one of the most surreal days of your life.

wedding video
that’ll capture the essence of one of the
days of your life.

You know, in a way you’ll actually want to watch over and over again.

That's what we want!

What's included

All the good stuff.
None of the fluff.

None of the fluff.

As a wedding videographer, it’s my job to document all the important sights and sounds of your wedding day and give them to you. That’s why every videography package includes:

     Multiple Camera Coverage to make sure all the important moments are captured from multiple angles.

     A Social Media Sneak Peek to share with your loved ones and tide you over while I work my storytelling magic.

     A Highlight Film for the days when life’s a little chaotic and you only have 10 mins to spare together.

     Extended Edits of your ceremony, toasts, and formal dances for the days you have time to snuggle up & relive every minute.

wedding videography packages aren’t one size fits all

Couples typically invest $5200–$8000

And, in order to give every couple the TLC they deserve,
I only take on 20 weddings a year.


My prices are a little higher than other videographers, but my standards are even higher.

than other videographers, but
my standards are even

Sure, you can set a tripod up in the back corner of the room (you might be able to make yourselves out in-between the back of your aunt and uncle's heads).

...Or you could have your loved ones watch you get married through the screens of their cell phones.

Or, you can hire a videographer who pours their heart and soul into your wedding day.

heart and soul 
into your wedding day.

Someone who takes the time to learn names, calm nerves, support you every step of the way.

That way you can spend the day living in the moment and making memories,
fully confident you’ll get a wedding video that’ll capture who you are as a couple and preserve the biggest milestone in your life (you know, so far).

You’re a white quill kinda couple if...

You don’t want a wedding gallery full 
of cheesy poses and forced smiles.

You prefer fist pumps, cheers, laughing fits, and “sneaky” happy tear napkin dabs.

You want to spend 
the day making memories with your friends and family.

Not be channeling Vogue models while they celebrate your marriage without you. 

You’ll roll with whatever life throws at you on your wedding day.

Because, come wind, rain, or global pandemic, you get to (finally) marry your best friend.


My promise to you

Your wedding video won’t become a forgotten file on your desktop.

And instead of feeling like an anniversary obligation, watching it will be a spur-of-the-moment event on a random weeknight. Preferably involving cuddling on the couch, your favorite drink in hand, and a box of Kleenex—you know, juuuust in case happy tears decide to make an appearance.

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

We feel so lucky Chelsea
was a part of our day!

She was so wonderful to work with! She is super fun and was always very responsive. She also worked in perfect sync with our photographers. We are thrilled with the films from our wedding day!

Ginger + Paul

We will be forever grateful for you and your work

We just love everything and will cherish all the videos and clips forever. We will be forever grateful for you and your work that will allow us to relive such a special day in our lives.

Alicia + Pawel
Chelsea here!

wedding videographer at White Quill

I create videos for couples that want to remember their *actual* wedding day, not a perfectly-directed version of it.

I grew up on shaky home videos—so I know how important it is to keep those candid memories alive.

The problem? The internet is overflowing with wedding videos that focus on trends over authenticity. That's why, in a world filled of filters + fads, I'm here to capture every real moment of your wedding day in a way that actually feels like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

I say I have a candid, documentary style. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, not a Hollywood set. My philosophy is that I won’t make you re-do any moments to get it “just right” because I think every moment is perfect as-is (even if it’s perfectly imperfect). I believe that’s the key to getting genuine emotions and creating a wedding film you’ll actually want to watch.

How long will our videos be?

No two weddings are the same which means no two films are, either. When it comes to highlight films, a good rule of thumb is one minute of video per hour of coverage, but the final length depends a lot on the events of the day. Typically most couples receive a video between 6-10 mins long. When it comes to extended edits, each video clip will be as long as the event took place in real life so you can relive every minute (literally).

How and when will we get our videos?

Within two weeks, a sneak peek will be posted to my social media accounts for you to share with family and friends (and make everyone who wasn’t there have some serious FOMO). 

A few things factor the delivery date of the rest of your videos—mostly the time of year and workload queue. Worst case scenario for weddings in the middle of busy season, your videos will be ready for you to snuggle up and enjoy by your four month anniversary. Those videos will be delivered on a personal webpage where you’ll be able to watch, download, and share.

Who picks the music?

I pick the songs from my go-to music licensing site, Musicbed, to keep things nice and legal. If you have strong opinions about music, I’m more than happy to let you give your input/have the final stamp of approval before I start editing your video. Just let me know at some point before your wedding and I’ll make a note to loop you into the process. 

Otherwise I look at the songs you’ve chosen for your wedding playlist, factor in the vibe of your venue, and pick a song that really captures the feel of your day (without you having to listen to 10+ hours of songs).

Will we get the raw footage?

You’ll receive lightly-edited, full-length clips of your ceremony, toasts, special dances, and any other pre-planned events that you give me a heads up on (like tea ceremonies, baraats, flash mobs, surprise birthday cakes, etc.) Any additional moments I capture, like grandma seeing you in your dress for the first time or your nieces and nephews being adorable, will be included in the highlight film. 

The footage that doesn’t make the cut? It’s nothing but test shots and people stuffing their face with appetizers at cocktail hour while they adjust their spanx (I’ll spare you from having to sit through that).

Do you do same-day edits?

I don’t—I spend 25+ hours organizing footage, picking music, editing, color correcting, and sound mixing each highlight video. Rushing to get all of these steps done in an hour or less would result in a sub-par product that isn’t really representative of my work or your day.

Besides, your wedding day already flies by. Do you really want to spend a part of it recapping something that happened a few hours ago? I think it’s a way better to stay in the moment, make some new memories, allow some time to go by, and then re-live the day all over again when you get your final video.

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Everyone's telling you your wedding day will be a blur...

But it doesn't have to be if you hire the right videographer to keep the memories alive.

Ready to reach out and see if we're a great fit?

Ready to reach out and see if we're a great fit?

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videographer to
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