Instead of telling you exactly what to do, I'll help you draft a rough timeline that keeps things on track and feels as unique as your relationship.

Stop scouring the internet for conflicting advice.

Past Wedding Inspiration

Get inspired by past couples and brainstorm ways to add meaningful touches to your timeline.

4 Foolproof Wedding Timelines

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some real wedding timelines and use one as a starting point.

A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Prefer something a little more custom? Learn how to build a wedding timeline from scratch with my 5-step process. 

Inside this workbook, you'll find:

After 200+ weddings as a photographer & videographer, I know what timelines need to run efficiently… but I also know where you have the wiggle room to play around and make it personal.

It'll take a little brainstorming and scratch-pad scribbling over your favorite drinks, but you'll walk away with a rough timeline that'll re-ignite that ✨ newly engaged sparkle ✨ in your eye and get you excited to plan your  "perfect" wedding.

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My mission? To help you stay true to who you are when you kick off your marriage.

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