chicago wedding photos

The last thing you want is a wedding gallery full of photos that don’t feel like you. 

You know the kind. Overly-posed and heavily-filtered Chicago wedding photos that will age like 90's sitcom—cool in the moment, but a *little* cringe 30 years down the line.

When you look back at your wedding 20 years from now, you’ll be craving:

Candid photos that showed off all your emotions—the anxious engagement ring fidgeting, the sweaty dance moves, and everything in-between.

Trend-free editing that preserves the way your day actually looked, not some artistic interpretation of it.

Snapshots that spark your memories and help you relive your wedding day for decades to come.

So what d’ya say?

Let’s get you some timeless Chicago wedding photos that don’t take themselves too seriously

That's what we want!

The Process

The Process

Step 01

Check if I’m available for your date

Fill out this form with all the exciting deetz and I’ll get back to you with my availability & detailed pricing.

Step 02

Chat & create your custom package

We’ll hop on a video chat to chat all about your wedding plans to create a personalized package for your day.

Step 03

Make it official 
& celebrate

After you sign a contract + pay a 50% retainer, you can officially cross “book photographer” off your planning to-do list!

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Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

A photographer is the one person you are with the whole wedding day & picking Chelsea was a no brainer.

Chelsea gets the job done, but does so with kindness and through friendship. She also does a great job of getting us out of our comfort zone.

Melissa + Aaron

Easily the best wedding decision that we made!

Chelsea made us feel so comfortable in front of a camera and did an incredible job capturing so many special moments. She has such a warm, calming, positive and chill energy that made her the perfect person to spend our special day with.

Stephanie + eric

What's included

All the good stuff.

None of the fluff.

You're looking for a photographer who you can trust to preserve the full story of your day. That’s why every photography package includes:

An Engagement Session to help us get to know each other (and get rid of any camera shyness).

Timeline Assistance so that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible and I know what (and who) matters most to you.

Two Photographers to document all the important moments, whether it’s from multiple angles or multiple rooms.

A Sneak Peek within two weeks to make the wait a little more bearable.

An Online Gallery of hand-edited images within 2 months, where you can download your high-resolution images, order professional prints, and share with family and friends.

Then, we personalize

In addition to everything above, you can customize your package to include:

Rehearsal dinner coverage

Boudoir + Day after sessions

professional Prints + wedding albums

wedding photography packages aren’t one size fits all

Couples typically invest $6000–$9000

And, in order to give every couple the TLC they deserve,
I only take on 20 weddings a year.

click to call dibs on your spot

My prices are a little higher than other photographers, but my standards are even higher.

than other photographers, but
my standards are even

Sure, you could have a family friend snap a few photos on the camera they got last Christmas (and spend the day wondering if they’re doing a good job)...

Or you can hire a big-box studio and hope you get along with the randomly assigned photographer that shows up to your wedding...

Or, you can hire a photographer who pours their heart and soul into your wedding day.

Someone who takes the time to learn names, calm nerves, support you every step of the way.

That way you can spend the day living in the moment and making memories,
fully confident you’ll get a gallery of images that’ll capture who you are as a couple and preserve the biggest milestone in your life (you know, so far).

heart and soul 
into your wedding day.

You’re a white quill kinda couple if...

You don’t want a wedding gallery full 
of cheesy poses and forced smiles.

You prefer fist pumps, cheers, laughing fits, and “sneaky” happy tear napkin dabs.

You want to spend 
the day making memories with your friends and family.

Not be channeling Vogue models while they celebrate your marriage without you. 

You’ll roll with whatever life throws at you on your wedding day.

Because, come wind, rain, or global pandemic, you get to (finally) marry your best friend.


Chelsea here!

And i’ve got a newsflash for ya’

Your wedding is more than a string of pretty pictures—it’s a huge milestone in your life.

And, as a wedding photographer with a background in writing, my mission is to do what every photographer should: preserve the story of your wedding day.

Years from now, when you look back at your wedding gallery, I don’t want you to just think “that’s a nice photo” 

I want you to feel the way your heart fluttered with excitement, your eyes welled up with happiness, and your head flung back in laughter.

And, with over 150 weddings under my (camera) belt, you can trust that I’ll be there to capture the day as authentically as possible—from those big events to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments.

So, whether you’re sharing a special moment with your favorite people or tearing it up on the dance floor, I’ll be there getting it all on camera.

in your life.
a huge

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

For most of the day, I have a candid, documentary style. You might have heard it also called a “photojournalistic” style. Those are the photos that freeze a moment in time, like someone mid-laugh, wiping away happy tears, or busting a move on the dance floor. These are the kinds of photos I live for—they’re also the ones you’ll cherish the most because they really capture how your day felt.

That being said, there are parts of the day that require a bit more posing—those classic portraits that your family and friends will want to frame. Throughout the day, from family photos to cocktail hour, I’ll make sure to snap some classic smiling shots to balance out your gallery.

How and when will we get our photos?

You'll get an online gallery of fully-edited images within 8 weeks. I know the wait is tough, so I'll send over a handful of sneak peek images within 2 weeks.

Do you Photoshop our photos?

It's a small bruise, pimple, or something that wouldn't be there in a week, I'll do my best to make it disappear. If you have additional photoshop requests after you get your gallery, they are available for an extra per-image fee.

Because I believe your wedding should be documented as authentically as possible, I don't offer any major appearance changing edits. 

Do we have to use you for prints and albums?

Your gallery comes with full printing rights—you are able to download the high resolution images and print them wherever you want. You also have the option of ordering prints, albums, and other products from your gallery through my professional print labs.

Can we send you a list of all the photos we want?

A month before your wedding, I'll send over a pre-wedding questionnaire. Here I'll ask for your "formal" photo list—any groupings of family and friends that you want to make sure you get group photos of.

I will also ask for a list of any sentimental details you want to make sure to have photos of—whether it's a family heirloom or table numbers your sister hand-painted.

For the rest of your day, I don't work off any kind of list. Instead, I just document the day as you live it.

Can we book you for photo + video?

I don't offer combined photo and video packages. I haven’t figured out cloning yet, so I (Chelsea 👋) only book one wedding per weekend, acting as either lead photographer or videographer.

That being said, I know how daunting it is to start the vendor search process all over. So if you hire me for photography, I'm more than happy to provide some videographer recommendations!

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Everyone's telling you your wedding day will be a blur...

But it doesn't have to be if you hire the right photographer to keep the memories alive.

photographer to
keep the memories alive.

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Ready to reach out and see if we're a great fit?

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