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I’m a sucker for people who are unapologetically themselves, and this colorful, personality-packed wedding at the Dalcy Chicago was just that:

Two bright, bold people coming together in a way that was unapologetically them.

Keep scrolling for a look at this jaw-dropping wedding that I photographed alongside Ed and Aileen Photography.

A One-of-a-Kind Wedding at the Dalcy Chicago

Grooms Deserve Wedding Details Too

Over the years, grooms have taken more and more time to personalize their wedding looks and I am 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it. Why should brides get all the accessory fun?

A simple way to do that? Custom suit jackets. I’ve seen everything from:

  • Custom colors
  • Fun jacket linings
  • Personalize embroidery

In this case, the groom opted for a powder blue suit with their wedding phrase—’Til Death—embroidered on the collar of his jacket. Stay tuned for the matching neon sign 👀. 

Family Photos with Fur Babies

Another “trend” I’m loving? Seeing more and more pets incorporated into wedding days. In this case, they had their dog walker bring their pup to LaSalle for some photos in front of the Board of Trade.

^^ If your venue doesn’t allow pets, I highly recommend you go this route so your dog can feel like a part of your day.

A Dalcy Ceremony That Personified the Relationship

Personalization doesn’t just stop at looks. Because if your outfit is personality-packed, you know the vows are going to be too. It was so special to glance around during the vows and see everyone trying to hide their tear wipes and play off their sniffles.

Taking a step back and taking in everything about the ceremony—the overwhelming love, the heartfelt words, and the bold decor—I could feel this couple. Their ceremony was the pure embodiment of them and it made me so goddamn happy.

Because that’s what weddings should be.

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A Fun-Filled the Dalcy Wedding Reception

If you aren’t a serious, sentimental person, listen up: your reception doesn’t have to be, either.

In this case, The Dalcy was transformed into a fun and relaxed reception full of light-hearted toasts, PowerPoint presentations, a live painter, and upbeat formal dances.

To all my fun-loving, goofy couples:

Take this as a sign that your wedding doesn’t have to take itself too seriously. It is possible to have a beautiful wedding day that’s as light-hearted as you two.

And if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer to document all the reception roasts + inside jokes, I’d love to chat more about your plans.