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Welcome to the White Quill Blog—your one stop shop for wedding planning tips + inspiration. Because, as a 6w5 with over 100 weddings under my belt, my number one goal is to make sure you're prepared in advance so you can live your wedding day to its fullest.

Hey, I’m Chelsea

Couple kissing on a windy day

Last month I traded in the Chicago skyline for the California coast. In the middle of road-tripping from San Francisco to LA, I got to spend the afternoon exploring San Francisco’s coastal trails with Emily & Alex (two ex-Chicagoans who are now calling the Bay Area home). These two were absolute troopers, constantly smiling and snuggling through unseasonably cold temps and 40mph gusts.

From the dunes on Baker’s Beach to the Sutro Baths at sunset, take a peek at my favorite images from the day below:

Hey, I’m Chelsea

Growing up, I had big dreams of being a writer—but one screenwriting seminar over mac and cheese pizza changed everything. Now, with a film degree and over 100 weddings under my belt, I get to tell your real-life stories (and, trust me, they put my made-up ones to shame). 

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