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Couple on a windy day at North Avenue Beach

Most Chicago lakefront photos involve a lot of wind (cue the ‘Windy City’ jokes).

If you’re anything like this fun-loving couple, you embrace the wind for some romantic, messy hair photos. Add in a beach at sunrise, mix in some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen on Lake Michigan, and *chefs kiss*. Even Fabio would be jealous.

Emily and Adam are getting married this winter on warm, sandy beaches in the Caribbean, but they wanted to make sure to take some sunrise Chicago lakefront engagement photos before they exchanged vows. So we met up on a chilly fall morning on a stretch of beach, just north of North Avenue Beach.

Even though we were surrounded by early morning joggers, sunrise photographers, and overly friendly seagulls, these two were pros at snuggling close and disappearing into a world of their own.

Epic romance vibes aside, I had a blast letting these two show off their goofy side—whether it was chasing away the seagulls or busting out some dance moves on the beach.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos from Emily & Adam’s sunrise engagement session:

Hey, I’m Chelsea

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