Watercolor Calligraphy 101 – Workshop Recap

Watercolors and I have a love-hate relationship. I've always been drawn to their soft, effortless look, but I'm still a little bitter about the last time I tried (& failed) to become a watercolor artist.*

When I saw Creative Chics was hosting a Watercolor Calligraphy 101 Workshop (taught by the amazingly talented Emily Rose Ink), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to face my fears of failure and try my hand at watercolors once more.

After the fan-girling over Veil Event Design's space subsided and I devoured one of Melissa's adorable snack baskets, it was time to break out the pencils & paint.

I've always liked my borderline OCD penmanship, but as Emily talked us through upstrokes, downstrokes, and legibility I realized how horrible my writing is compared to professional calligraphers (so-long distant daydreams of owning an Etsy shop devoted to selling hand-written quotes). 

Add watercolor into the mix? Oh boy, I felt like I was back in elementary school learning how to write for the first time.

The most difficult part of watercolor calligraphy is maintaining that perfect balance - constantly making sure your brush is wet enough, constantly remembering to grab more paint, and constantly making sure your penmanship game is on point. I quickly discovered that my max-multitasking ability for the night was two - I could remember to get my brush wet and get more paint, but my writing looked horrendous. If I switched gears to focus on my writing, I would keep forgetting to dip my brush in the water or get the right amount of paint on my brush.

TL;DR: The watercolor struggle was real.

As fun as it was trying a new creative outlet over wine with fellow creative business owners, I will stick to using my camera and leave the watercolor painting & calligraphy to Emily and other experts.

*I was 10 years old.