Returning to my UW Roots

This past May, I did something a little crazy - I put in my three days notice(!) and moved south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. This weekend, for the first time since I packed up my Madison office and said goodbye to the city I'd lived, learned, and worked in for four years, I returned to my UW roots.

I circled Capitol Square, sampling the best of Madison's restaurants at Taste of Madison, explored the other terrace for the first time, cooled off in the State Capitol, and took a stroll down memory lane State Street.

And then, as I stared up at the gaping hole that once was the Vilas-Humanities bridge (#RIP), it hit me. Just as Madison has grown and evolved since my graduation, so have I. I finally realized how far I'd come. In Madison, being a professional photographer and working as an infographic designer for a global company were just far-fetched possibilities—they were daydreams that got me through boring gen-ed lectures. But today in Chicago? They're my realities.

Don't get me wrong - Madison will always hold a special place in my heart - but right now, I'm just counting down the hours until I can return to Chicago and continue to see where my dreams take me.

Also, shout out to my little sister for always being a willing model. As you can see, she loves when I whip out my camera to take candids of her after a long day at work.