Hey, I'm Chelsea.

I'm a Chicago wedding photographer and videographer who's on a mission to take the stress out of wedding planning, one anecdote, gif, and movie
quote at a time.

Jaren & Evan’s intimate wedding was truly a perfect reflection of themselves and their love for one another. As Edgewood College alumns, they chose to get married at Edgewood’s Boardwalk. With Lake Wingra as our backdrop and Jaren’s parents as witnesses, the two exchanged heartfelt vows. Moments after their first kiss, the lions at Henry Vilas Zoo—where Jaren works—could be heard roaring in celebration across the lake. Seriously, how ridiculously perfect is that?

After taking a few moments to bask in newlywedded bliss, the couple decided to forgo portraits in order to spend time with their closest family & friends back at Jaren’s Grandmother’s home in Monona. It was an afternoon full of delicious food, deep laughs, and great memories.